Fuck You, Sears!!!

January 24th, 2008 at 9:16 pm by mike

Appliance hell…
So we went last weekend way the hell out to Shrewsbury to the Sears Outlet store to buy a washer and dryer. We were hoping to get a front loading washer and save some money on water and electricity, but the one we were looking at wasn’t at the store. So we looked around, and saw that they had a brand called Fisher and Paykel, a New Zealand company whose products we knew to be good, but we didn’t think we could quite afford. They were having a sale on them, and had “new” units of their latest model in stock. After a brief discussion, we decided to buy them. We were very excited: we were getting a really good washer and dryer, and the washer was a top loader that acts like a front loader and uses less water and power. They could deliver on Tuesday, when Sarah would be home, and we were told there was no problem putting them in the kitchen. We even got the five year “Master Protection Agreement” which would, they said cover any and every possible thing related to having service done on our appliances. Parts, labor, service call charges, all would be covered for five years. We could even get the damn things cleaned once a year if we wanted. What a deal!
We drove away very excited about being able to do laundry in our home, with new technology. Alas.
They delivered them on Tuesday, not in boxes (haha), and hooked them up. Sarah threw a load in the wash, and everything was fine until the spin cycle started. Then the banging started. And the shaking. As in, the whole house shaking, and banging like there was some small demon trying break free of the bonds holding it prisoner. And it was pissed.
Clearly, something was wrong. So the next day, I called the store where we had bought it, and the woman I spoke to sounded very concerned. She said it sounded like something was definitely wrong, and if we couldn’t get it fixed, absolutely it would be replaced. She asked that I call the 800 customer service number and go through them, since that was Sears’ policy. So I called the 800 number and finally got through to a woman in repairs who asked what kind of floor it was on. I told her it was linoleum and she asked me in a very exasperated tone what was underneath the floor. I said wood, I guess, and she told me that of course that was our problem. Since it was on wood floor, she told me, it would need some sort of pedestal to take care of the shaking. I told her that we were not going to do this ourselves, and someone needed to come out and take a lot at this clearly faulty machine. Very reluctantly, she put me in touch with someone in delivery services. I got bounced around a couple of times until I finally spoke to someone who said he would schedule an appointment for a technician to come and take a look for us. I gave him Sarah’s number, and hung up feeling good about our washer getting fixed. Alas.
When I talked to Sarah that night, she told me that no one was coming out to look at our machine. She had gotten a call from a Sears technician telling her that since it was under the manufacturer’s warranty, Sears wouldn’t service it. What!?!?!?! That’s ridiculous, right? Well, apparently that’s what happens. After many phone calls to Sears customer service, Fisher and Paykel’s customer service (both here and in NZ), and local authorized F&P service providers, we found out that yes, that’s what happens. The Sears service plan is essentially useless while the manufacturers warranty is still going. Which for F&P is two years. Which is great on their part, because that’s twice as long as most warranties, but what the fuck, Sears?!?!?!? Why are we paying money so that we can’t even call Sears’ service line to set up appointments? We would have to call the service providers, and if it’s mechanical, F&P will cover it. If not, we get to pay ourselves. And the outlet store manager assured me that Sears will cover that, but no one outside of Sears we spoke to knows anything about that. At all. Needless to say, we were PISSED. We were essentially lied to, misled, and feel taken advantage of. The manager at the outlet store has been trying to be as helpful as he can, but there’s only so much he can do. So we’re done with Sears. I tried calling the manager to return the machines tonight (which he said we could do, no problem, 100% refund, but we’ll see) but he was already gone. So I will try tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll be free of this fucking company.
Then we will go to Lowe’s and hope that we have better luck…

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  1. mike Says:

    Yeah, of course the return has been as much of a pain in the ass as trying to get repairs was. The goddamn manager has been giving us the run around about getting someone out to pick up the damn things. First he said it would be “No problem” as long as we had it delivered by Sears home delivery. Then he asked who we had the delivery arranged through. Um, your fucking store, what did you think? That we bought it from you, then went looking for a guy with a truck? Idiot. I told him we wanted them picked up this weekend, and he said he would work on it for me. So after two days of calling him back and calling him back, he finally told me that Sears home delivery won’t come pick up the machines because we’re in Dedham. They’ll deliver here, they’ll even exchange machines here. They just won’t pick up from here. It’s starting to make my brain hurt. So tomorrow, we’re loading them into my Mom’s van and driving them out there ourselves.

  2. rebaki Says:

    That is crazy!!! Some questions you never think to ask. “i know you deliver and exchange in my town but in case i want to return do you pick up returns”

  3. mike Says:

    Yeah, the whole experience, aside from being incredibly aggravating and infuriating was also truly head-scratchingly weird. I mean, it was as if Sears just decided they were going to hate us. Did we do something to them? I don’t know.
    But as a wrap-up, we did in fact get my mom’s van (thanks mom!) and drive the damn things out to Shrewsbury. In the snow. Although we got help from our very friendly neighbor, Tony, loading them into the van. And the Sears outlet gave us a full refund with almost no hassle. Then, after the manager on duty gave us the refund receipt, she just walked away. I’m pretty sure they were just as eager to be done with us as we were to be done with them. And now we are. We hope.
    Then on Monday, we went to Lowes and bought the same washer and dryer, actually brand new (not a “new” floor model), with an extra year of actual coverage (which we thoroughly researched ahead of time) for about thirty bucks less than what we paid Sears. They should be delivered either this weekend or next. God, I hope this goes much better…

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